Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Horneyness is getting in the way of my Geekyness.

Works been rough all and I wanted to do was go to bed when I got home. Other aspects of my life have led to frustration and anger, which leads to confusion, which leads to escapism. So how does a guy like me escape mentally? Mostly Sci-Fi and hot chicks. I really didn’t want to draw but I must if I ever want to make it. So my heart wasn’t in this one but it did turn out to be very therapeutic. It’s a bit over the top and is in no way supposed to be the girl from the AVP comics. This feels more like Alien VS Sasha Gray though not really pornographic. (I only know who porn star Sasha Gray is because I read about a “real” movie called The Girlfriend Experience…This is a lie.) One thing I did like was the experiment with gray tones .The drawing was done in about 5 minutes (just meant to be a figure drawing warm up) with a regular ball point pen then I made a copy and used a pencil to ad gray with a smudge stick, then colored in photo shop. I really like the textures I got with the armor Next time I do this I’ll plan ahead for things like lighting. It’s one of those drawing that just had to come out. They don’t look great but I usually feel better when there done. Girls have been harder to get down lately. I keep having to adjust facial aspects. Even now looking at the Ramona Flowers drawing below I feel like I was way off. I know I can and must do better.

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