Saturday, November 21, 2009

Battlestar's #6

Now with Dollhouse canceled I’m missing Battlestar more than ever. I haven’t done much color wise in the past few weeks. This started as a doodle in the sketch book while I was watching BSG: The Plan. I was just going to throw some color on it and that would be that but then I started playing with the colors and lighting and even went into the line work and tweaked and redrew. I haven’t played with the line art on these before. Usually the line art is pencil and/or pen on paper that gets scanned then the color goes behind it. Imagine a piece of glass; draw on it with a marker then on the other side color it in with paint. I like how the color helped give dimension to her face. It has a bit more of real painting feel. I’m glad I stuck through it even though it was just for fun and wanted to be in bed 3 hours ago. I had a great time with the Punk Walkers tonight and was just a bit wired when I got home.

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