Friday, August 14, 2009

I miss the 90's

Long time no post, so I’m going for a two for one. The New Fantastic Four was one of my favorite comic stories in the 90’s. You can’t beat the combo of Walter Simonson and Arthur Adams. I wish I put a better facial expression on the Hulk, but I’m pretty happy with the colors. The nice thing about coloring Ghost Rider is you don’t have to guess your light source. I like the dark shadow heavy Spider-man, not really how we’re used to seeing him. I hated the Wolverine but felt better after the colors.

The second drawing was from my pocket sketch book with some quick computer colors thrown in. I was unpacking and found my Tank Girl collection among some books. This is another book I loved in high school. It’s still amazing how much crazy was packed into each page. Fun all around.

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