Monday, June 15, 2009

Batman process.

I’ve been drawing for about 25 years give or take. There is very little I dislike drawing on. Two things I do hate drawing on happen to be, Pocket size and non-spiral sketch books. So imagine my surprise when I tried the Moleskine pocket sketch book. They are hard cover but are bound with thread not glue. So if you want to do a two page spread (as I did in this Batman piece) than you don’t have to worry about the fold in the middle. I figure good enough for Picasso, good enough for me. I fell in love with these sketch books and even if your not an artist they make great note books too. If you like to travel they make special note books for most major cities, full of history and facts. It’s really great having something to get my Ideas down on in my pockets at all times.

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